We know that these are uncertain times so we will do the best we can to answer any questions regarding coronavirus and Fire Island.

1. Are the ferries running?
Yes, the ferries are currently running. Be sure to check their website as they have been updated their schedules. 

2. Are the beaches closed?
As per New York State executive order, beaches are currently open for "passive use" which means no swimming, no organized sports, or use of public restrooms. You can sit on the beach and must follow social distancing protocols. As of now, lifeguards are expected to be in place.

3. What precautions are the ferries taking to ensure safety for all riders?
The Fire Island Ferries are diligently cleaning the ferries, limiting freight for more seating to social distance, changing the schedules, and requiring you to wear a face mask while aboard. They are also asking that anyone who is sick to NOT get on the ferry. For more updates be sure to follow their social media and check their website. 

4. Are all booked rentals cancelled?
There are currently no special restrictions in place for rentals during the summer. However, all renters are encouraged to pay special attention to social distancing regulations. We will post any future updates to regulations, should there be any.

5. Are restaurants closed?
*As of right now, restaurants are scheduled to allow outdoor dining starting on June 10th*
There are plenty of restaurants on Fire Island that are fulfilling delivery and pick up orders. Here is a list of restaurants that are open for pick up or delivery:
- Castaway Bar & Grill, Ocean Beach
- CJ's, Ocean Beach
- Dockside Brick Oven Pizza, Ocean Beach
- Maguire's, Ocean Beach
- Rachel's Bakery, Ocean Beach
- Scoops, Ocean Beach
- Seaview Market, Seaview
- Schooner Inn, Ocean Bay Park
- Surf's Out, Kismet
- Town Pizza, Ocean Beach

6. Are the markets open?
*The markets are starting to let limited amount of people in starting this weekend of 6/5.*
Yes, the markets are also taking pick up orders. Here are the markets we know that are open and will update if we hear more information:
- Ocean Beach Trading, Ocean Beach: Offering curbside pick up and they will bring your order out to you. Open 7:30am-4pm. 631-583-8440
- The Pantry, Ocean Beach: Will be open Mon.-Fri. 8-3 & Sat.-Sun 10-3. Ask them what they have available. They are currently working on a getting a website up and running to fulfill orders. Check back for more updates. 631-583-7467.
- Seaview Market, Seaview: Will be accepting phone orders at 631-583-8482 and will schedule a time for you to stop by and pick up your order outside the store. They are also giving the option to give them a shopping list and stop by the store to pick up your groceries. Open everyday from 7:30 am till about 2 pm.
- Dockside, Ocean Beach: Staying fully stocked with all the essentials needed during this time. Offering an easy call in feature for people to come pick up their goods. 631-583-0303
- Kismet Market, Kismet: Taking orders over the phone or safely at the front doors. Place your orders by calling 631-583-8449. 

7. I own a house on Fire Island, am I still able to access it?
There are no legal restrictions preventing you from accessing your home. Local officials are recommending that anyone coming to the island, and intending to stay, should self quarantine for 14 days. Some communities have requested notification if you plan to stay at your Fire Island home. I.e. Seaview - notify the association, Ocean Beach - notify the police

8. Have there been any confirmed COVID cases on Fire Island?
As of April 30, there is one confirmed case in Saltaire.

9. Are you still taking rentals for this summer?
Yes, rentals are still available. Please feel free to check out the available rentals on our website or feel free to contact our rental agents, Alyssa O'Keefe and Dylan Owens.

10. Am I still able to see homes for sale or for rent?
As of right now, we are allowed to do virtual showings only until Suffolk County enters Phase 2 of reopening. We would be happy to walk you through any of our listings via FaceTime, Zoom, Skype, etc. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in seeing a home! Or check out our IGTV channel or our Youtube channel to view our listing videos.

11. Are any of the shops open?
Starting this weekend 6/5, shops are letting limited people in at a time
Here is a list of the shops that we know are open but are taking orders:
- Flair House, Ocean Beach: Check out their website to see what's in stock and call or text them to place an order. They are now offering curbside pick up.
- Fire Island Outfitters, Ocean Beach: Opening their doors when Phase 2 begins.
- Salty Stitch, Ocean Beach: Opening their doors when Phase 2 begins.
- FiveEightThree/Bambootique, Ocean Beach: Opening their doors when Phase 2 begins.