Congratulations!  You listed your home, accepted an offer and went under contract.  Now what?  Below is a list of items to tackle ahead of closing to ensure a smooth transaction.  Please do not hesitate to reach out to us at Fire Island Real Estate if you need any further assistance with these task items.  We appreciate the opportunity to be of service to you!

Before closing:

  • - Remove any artwork, personal effects and excluded items, if applicable, from your home.
  • - Transfer Flood Insurance Policy, if applicable.  In most cases, the buyer will want to assume your flood insurance policy.  Your insurance broker will coordinate the policy assumption.  If the buyer is not assuming your policy, cancel coverage one day after closing to avoid any lapse in coverage.


  1. Electric:
  • PSEGLI - (800) 490-0025
  • Once you have a set closing date, contact PSEGLI with your account information readily available to set your service to switch over to the new homeowner for the day of your scheduled closing.
  1. Water:
  • Call Suffolk County Water Authority to close your account as of your closing date. (631) 698-9500
  • Please note this does NOT APPLY to homes located in Ocean Beach and Seaview.  Water is included in Village of Ocean Beach taxes and Seaview Association Dues, so no separate account is necessary in those towns.
  1. DirecTV/Dish
  • Please close your Direct TV or Dish TV account
  • Remember to remove all DirecTV or Dish Network cable boxes and remotes before closing and send back to your provider. If you don’t return your equipment, they will charge your account.
  • DirecTV - (800) 531-5000
  • Dish Network – (800) 333-3474
  1. WiFi:
  • Verizon Fios – (800) 837-4966
  • Call customer service to cancel your account.  Remove your router and send back to Verizon.  If you don’t return your router, they will continue to charge your account.

You may want to provide the buyer with a list of the vendors you currently use to service your home (i.e. plumber, handyman, landscaper, cleaning service, etc.).  We would be glad to pass this information along to the buyer so that they have the option to continue using the service providers that are familiar with the home.

Keys/Access Codes: Make sure to bring your keys to the closing to give to the buyer.  If you are not attending the closing in person, make arrangements with us to provide the keys to the buyer.


In the event you need to clear or dispose of contents in your home, you may need a local carting company to assist.  Below is contact information for several local carting companies:

Beach Comber Carting
Phone: (347) 234-8531

Cherveny Carting
Phone: (631) 495-5658

Metcalf Carting
Phone: (631) 583-8521

Spoons Carting
Phone: (631) 583-7271

Stang Carting
Phone: (631) 567-7792


Don’t forget, there is always a place at the beach for you!  Be sure to check out our rental options at If you are thinking of selling your Fire Island home, don’t hesitate to reach out to us to see how much your home is worth here.