It’s no secret that things do slow down a bit during the winter months when it comes to real estate on Fire Island. However, if you're a buyer, that’s not a bad thing. While you may have to break out your ski gear to make sure you're adequately bundled up for your house tours, here are some reasons why it's worth it to trek out to Fire Island to snap up your dream beach house this winter:

  • Less Competition

During the holiday season, and throughout the winter months, most people just don't have summer on their minds yet, so that makes for fewer other buyers to compete with.  Once spring hits and temperatures start to rise, our office is flooded with calls, so why not get a head start?  Since there is less buyer activity in the dead of Winter if you choose to look now, you'll have less competition from other buyers, and the seller may be more receptive to your offer at that time.

  •  Motivated Sellers

Many sellers tend to be more motivated during the Winter months than they are during the Spring and Summer.  During the off season, they're not getting use out of their property, but still have to pay the carrying costs on the home, which may make it a little easier for them to part with.  Also, if the property is rented out during the Summer, the seller may view that income as a long way away, whereas once Spring rolls around, they are likely less motivated to sell right before rental season.

  •  Low Interest Rates

Interest rates are still close to historic lows.  The longer you wait, the greater the chances that rates will rise.  These low rates may very well last through the Spring, but you just never know.


If you're among the savvy buyers looking capitalize on the advantages of shopping now, we're happy to help- we show by appointment 7 days a week, 12 months a year.  Just remember to bundle up!