Fire Island Ferries Freight Service Summer 2020

For those who will be renting or moving in to their beach house on Fire Island this summer, the Fire Island Ferries freight department will be extremely helpful in this process. There are many benefits that a credit card account with the freight department has. Read on for information directly from the Fire Island Ferries freight department that highlight their services that will be beneficial to use throughout your stay on Fire Island.

If you plan on ordering beverages or liquor from the mainland or plan on ordering items online to be delivered to the
dock, through the Fire Island Ferries freight department, visit and set up an account with them that you can add a credit card to. This will make the pick-up of these items go a bit more smoothly and, for some towns, prevent the chance of the boat bringing these items back to Bay Shore if you are not on the dock to pay the freight
charge when the boat is in town.

If ordering items online, please use the following format when filling in the shipping address:

Name: Your first AND last name
Address 1: 99 Maple Avenue
Address 2: Fire Island town AND your freight account number
Town: Bay Shore
State: NY
Zip: 11706

The account that you set up will also send a notification the morning that your freight is being shipped (usually around
10:00 am) to the email address on file, allow you to see a history of your shipments and track the freight boat via a
twitter link.

If you are dropping off items yourself, please have everything pre-labelled with your name and destination, packed in a
container (box, tote, cooler, luggage, etc.) and/or protected, if fragile.

For same day delivery, have your items to the freight boat from 7:00 AM - 9:30 AM Monday – Saturday. These times and
days are for mid-April through mid-September. Otherwise, they only accept items Monday – Friday. The freight boat
leaves at 10:00 AM. To locate the freight boat, drive to the end of Maple Avenue (big parking lot), pull into the middle
parking spots and ask a crew member (red shirt) for help.

For next day delivery, you can bring your items to the Bay Shore freight house located in the Fire Island Ferries, Inc. main
terminal (99 Maple Ave., Bay Shore, NY 11706) between 10:00 AM and 5:00 PM Monday – Friday. These hours are
during the summer schedule. In the off season, the crew is only at the Bay Shore freight house until 3:30 PM.

Any questions needing more detailed answers please either check their website and click the
FREIGHT INFO tab on the right side of the screen, email them at or call 631.647.3055.

We hope this information helps you become more familiar with the Fire Island Ferries freight department procedures. Looking forward to seeing you this summer!