Checklist for Closing on the Purchase of Your Beach House

Once you've found the right Fire Island home for you and put the home under contract, the hard part is behind you, but there are a few important steps to take care of before you officially become a Fire Island homeowner. In this blog post, you’ll learn about what steps you should take in preparation for your closing as well as helpful contacts to have on hand.  As the closing date for your beach house approaches, make sure to take care of the following items.

Before closing on the purchase of your beach house, it is important to make sure you have proper insurance in place.   It is typically most cost effective to assume the previous owner’s flood insurance policy. You should also take out a homeowner’s insurance policy.  If you are purchasing the property with a mortgage, your lender will require you to provide proof of coverage before they will issue clearance to close.  If you intend to rent out the property, you should also consider purchasing separate liability coverage.  Talk to your insurance broker about coverage options.  Contact us if you need a recommendation for a good insurance broker who is experienced working with Fire Island properties.

In addition to making sure you have proper insurance coverage in place, you’ll need to change over the utility accounts and put them in your name. Here's a quick checklist of what do to in terms of the home's utilities:

1.) Electric: You’ll want to have a PSEGLI account to change over the day of your scheduled closing.  PSEG can be reached at 631-490-0025.
2.) Water: If the home you're purchasing is in the Village of Ocean Beach, then your water is included in your Village taxes so you don't have to set up a separate account.  If you're purchasing a home in Seaview, your water bill is included in your Seaview Association dues.  If you're purchasing in other towns, call the Suffolk County Water Authority to set up your account.  The SCWA can be reached at 631-698-9500.
3.) Television: There is no cable TV service to Fire Island.  Television is provided via satellite by DirecTV or Dish Network.  Both providers require the previous owner to return their boxes and equipment and will require you to schedule a new installation for your new account.  You can contact Dish Network at 800-333-3474 or DirecTV at 800-531-5000.
4.) WiFi: WiFi internet access is available through Verizon Fios.  If the seller has Fios, you should be able to use their current equipment and you’ll just need to call customer service to change the account to your name. If the house doesn't currently have Fios, you will need to schedule an appointment for a technician to come out to the property for a new installation.  You can reach Verizon Fios at 800-837-4966.

It’s important to schedule a final walk through of the home prior to closing to ensure that the condition of the house is as expected.  A walk through is typically scheduled within a few days of the closing to confirm there has been no damage to the house during the contract period.

As a Fire Island home owner, you will likely want to take advantage of the freight boat to ship over items to the island.  The freight boat sends over everything from groceries, to bicycles, to furniture, to building materials.  You can set up a Freight account online at:

It is important that any items being shipped on the freight boat be labelled with your name and which town they should be sent over to, as well as the Ferries' address.  For example:

Happy Homeowner- Ocean Beach Boat
c/o Fire Island Ferries
99 Maple Avenue
Bay Shore, NY 11706


Bobby Beachgoer- Seaview Boat
c/o Fire Island Ferries
99 Maple Avenue
Bay Shore, NY 11706

If your delivery is received by the ferries before 9:30 AM, it will go over to Fire Island on the same day.  If it arrives at the Bay Shore ferry terminal after 9:30, it will be sent over the following day.  You should make arrangements to pick up your items upon arrival.  If you are shipping over large items, like furniture or building materials, that a contractor or carting company is picking up on your behalf, make sure to let them know when the expected arrival is.  You can even track the freight boat by following the Fire Island Ferries' Freight account on Twitter:


Congratulations on your home purchase and we're delighted to welcome you to this very special community.  This is an exciting time and we are happy to help in any way we can.  Don't hesitate to ask us for any recommendations service providers and vendors that offer delivery service to the Bay Shore Fire Island Ferries.  Welcome Home!


Helpful contacts to have on hand:

Fire Island Ferries
99 Maple Ave., Bay Shore, NY 11706
Main Terminal: 631-665-3600; 631-666-3600
West Terminal: 631-665-2115

Freight Information

Fire Island Water Taxi

Fire Island Real Estate Office
479 Bayview Walk, Ocean Beach, NY 11770

Incorporated Village of Ocean Beach
Village Offices
Bay & Cottage Walks
P.O. Box 457
Ocean Beach, NY 11770
631-583-7597 fax

Seaview Association: 631-583-6212

Electric: PSEGLI - 631-490-0025

Water (Excluding Ocean Beach and Seaview Homes):
Suffolk County Water Authority: 631-698-9500

DirecTV: 800-531-5000
Dish Network: 800-333-3474

Verizon Fios: 800-837-4966

Coastal Electric: 631-583-7425
Lighthouse Mechanical: 631-583-6500

LOVE the Plumber: 631-583-5612
Conrad's Plumbing: 631-583-5750
Lighthouse Mechanical: 631-583-6500

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