10 Tips To Get Your Home Rental Ready For The Summer


Rental season is just around the corner! If you’re a homeowner who takes advantage of the lucrative rental market on Fire Island, we’ve put together a list of some tips to get your home rental ready for a successful summer.

  1. Cleaning: Give the whole space a deep clean before the rental season begins!
  1. Routine Maintenance of AC & Appliances: To avoid having to make maintenance calls while renters are at your home, it’s worth checking to make sure the AC’s work and if any air filters need to be replaced before your first rental checks in. This is also a good time to clean the grill and replace any grill brushes from last season.
  1. Check Kitchen Items: Since most people are renting for at least a week at a time, we can assume that they’ll be cooking a lot of their meals at the house as opposed to going out to eat every night. We recommend taking inventory every year of everything and making sure you have a full set of dishes, pots and pans, and utensils. These items will experience a lot of wear and tear since they will most likely be used the most in the house!
  1. Bike & Beach Items: Take inventory of bikes, beach chairs, and beach umbrellas and see if any need to be replaced and/or fixed and if you just feel you need more!
  1. Wagons: Note where the wagon can be picked up and where it should be left off when your renters’ stay is over. It may be a good idea to have renters take pictures of the bikes once they arrive and once they leave.
  1. Permits: Make sure rental permits and the BBQ permit are filed 
  1. Touch ups & repairs:  A fresh coat of paint goes a long way to brighten up your space!  Make sure all door handles are working, windows and doors are opening and closing properly, etc.
  1. Linen Inventory & Replacement: Good quality sheets and towels are important to renters. Since these items tend to get worn out the quickest, it’s a good idea to inspect them and see what needs to be replaced.
  1. Pool Maintenance: If your home has a pool, have it cleaned and make sure the filtration is working properly and the shock treatments are done.
  1. Welcome Packet: Putting a packet together for your renters with information like the bike lock codes, wifi, how to access the TV channels/streaming, etc. can go a long way. A list of the local shops, restaurants, and bars are always appreciated by the renters too as they love recommendations of the locals’ favorites. 

These are just some punch list items to get you started before summer officially begins. We wish everyone a successful summer rental season!