479 Bayview Walk, Ocean Beach

The More You Know: Mortgage Rates

With interest rates at historic lows, we are seeing most buyers take advantage of low cost financing by obtaining a mortgage for the purchase of their beach house.  In many cases, even those with funds available to buy in cash are opting to finance their purchases.  Low interest rates also mean that buyers can afford […]

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Winter Is Coming! Tips On Closing Your Beach Home For The Season

  Now that we’re into November and you’ve probably gotten every last bit of use out of your beach house, it’s time to think about how to safely close your home for the winter. We’ve put together a checklist to help walk you through the big jobs and the often-overlooked details to ensure your home […]

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Your Questions Answered: When Is The Best Time To Buy Your Beach Home?

By: Abigail Mago, Licensed Associate Broker abigail@fireislandrealestate.com   A very common question that I’m asked by buyers is “When is the best time to buy on Fire Island?”  Many people assume that the Summer is the peak of the buying season, because that is when the island is busiest, but that’s not actually the case.  […]

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